Thursday, 27 July 2017

Trade With Me (trading with the help)

If you buy a car but don't know driving, what will you do?  You will either learn driving and then drive your car or look for a good driver to drive your car and just relax.  If you run a business and need someone's help in marketing your products, what will you do?  You will probably look to hire a good sales person to help you grow your sales.  As an investor, don't you buy mutual funds?  You buy mutual funds because you do not know how to invest your money in financial markets.  So you decide to take the services of a fund manager and give your money to him to invest on your behalf.

Our life as a trader is no different.  If we want to trade, but don't know how to successfully trade, what are the options for us?  There are only two options.  One option is to spend lots of money and years of time to first learn and understand markets, trading and then slowly and gradually gather courage to trade.  Another option is to get help and support from someone who is already doing it for years and actually good at it.  Also both these options can be explored simultaneously.  We can keep learning trading and understanding market behavior but at the same time can also take someone's help in actual trading.  Even as an active full time trader, we require help and support from different service providers like NSE/BSE, broker, ISP, charting tool, access to new flow, etc etc, without which trading is not possible.

If you are working full time but your major interest is in trading and you cannot trade on your own due to different reasons, if you have made lot of sacrifices to take up trading as a profession but somehow not much successful in it, never hesitate to ask for someone's help to support you in trading. We have only one life to live and we should not waste it.  If our objectives are achieved with a little support from someone, we should be rather thankful for that support.

Day trading is something which can be done part time.  It can be done while still continuing with current profession or business.  No need to risk the only source of income for livelihood by involving in full time trading.  With a little bit of focus and some efforts, day trading can be done with personalized help and support from someone who is able to understand markets, read the prices and able to handle emotions while trading.  Even if you are an experienced trader making money, there is no harm in trading with someone's help to maximize profits.  Trading on 50 different free tips provided by a TV channel, newspaper, broker or Whatsapp groups will make you only lose and in turn keeping you away from trading and earning money.

If you are a follower of this blog, appreciate my way of trading, and have faith in me as a trader, you can join me in stock futures trading in morning session. I will personally help you and support you in this highly profitable form of day trading.  Learn more about it by clicking here.  You will get all the trade setups in advance so that you get enough time to place orders, like this with SL and target price, HCLTECH buy above 910 SL 906.40 TGT 914 & 917.  Short KOTAKBANK at 1010 SL 1013 TGT 1006.

A 2-week paid trial is available to make you familiar and help gauge potential of profits by paying only Rs. 2500 which will get adjusted to your monthly subscription.  This offer is available only till 31st July 2017.

Click here to pay Rs. 2500 and start your trial now.

Still in doubt or not able to make decision, checking out 100% genuine performance reports may help you.

Wednesday, 26 July 2017

Nifty @ 10000

A historical day.  Congratulations to all investors and traders.

Traded Nifty Future today once it comfortably started trading above 10000 level which yielded some.

Stock future trading made very good profits today.  It was possible to make Rs. 9300 trading one lot.

It makes me happy to share with all of you that now I am not alone while trading as 19 passionate traders have also joined me to trade with me.

This is how I traded today in stock futures.

Sunday, 23 July 2017

Swing Trading Setups 23072017

1) AXISBANK:  It has broken out of 4 month long consolidation.  Seems prices are getting accepted above BO level.  Now two ways to enter in this stock.  One, buy above 544.20 or on pull back at 535-530 area.  SL below 500 and targets 580-600-613-638.

2) DRREDDY:  Seems poised for a big breakout above 2780.  Trade this breakout whenever happens for short term gains.

3) ITC:  It is now pulling back to its earlier breakout level. It can be bought in the region of 270-285 with SL 255 and short term target 320-340-355.

4) COALINDIA:  On weekly chart, it has taken support at 4 year old level and reversed.  It can be bought at CMP of 262.35 keeping a SL below 238 targeting the level above 300 in the short term.

(This post is for educational purpose only demonstrating application of price action trading concepts to real time charts.  It is not a buy/sell recommendation in any form.)

Friday, 21 July 2017

This is how my day starts for stock trading

Here is the screenshot of my terminal which I use to screen stocks for trading in the morning session. This is just to give you an idea what kind of screen or charts that I keep looking at during the day.   No AFL or fancy charting software.  Here I just try to keep all the information like Nifty level, number of advancing and declining stocks, intraday and historical charts and cash and future stock watch lists, in one single screen.

I start my day at 8 o'clock in the morning by watching TV for potential news flow and its likely impact on the stocks and sectors.  This will give me a list of stocks and sectors where I can expect potential price moves because of news. At around 8:30 am I will start my PC and set up the screen.  I will then go through short term and long term charts of around 50 stocks that are in my watch list and mark the levels.  I will also spend some time analyzing the Nifty and Bank Nifty charts and big picture.  Now around 9:10 am I am ready with my homework and trade plan.  I am aware of the news flow and technical setup of the stocks.  I then just wait for the market to open.  Once it starts to trade, I keep going through the charts one by one looking for my kind of setups to trade based on price action.  For example, today I could spot a good setup in ASIANPAINT.  It was breaking out some sort of consolidation at the open in expectation of good quarterly results that is going to be announced on Tuesday, 25th July.  It gave the profit of Rs. 5600.  Here is its intraday chart,

In short, it requires me to start my day at least an hour early so that I can start trading once the market opens.  It is not like I just come to screen at 9:15 am and start to trade.  It requires to do all the planning and be aware of current market trend, sentiment, news flow, volatility and technical setups.

My charts are always clean.  There are no indicators or moving averages.  Only price and volume are there on the chart.

Once the potential trade setup is found, it again requires to put trend, sentiment, news flow, volatility etc together and make final decision to trade.  After making the decision to trade, again it requires to patiently wait for the setup to trigger and enter at proper level.  If it does not allow to enter or does not trigger, need to find some another setup.  So this is how the cycle repeats and I normally end up taking 2 to 3 trades in the morning session.

Here are the trades that I ended up taking this month so far, click here.

I not only trade for myself in stock futures but also share setups with precise entry and exit levels in advance so that other traders can also trade in them along with me.  I don't just stop there.  I go one setup further and help them better manage the trade to maximize profit.  Also if someone is really interested, can even learn all the tricks and methods of trading from me.

I hope every reader of this blog will appreciate my genuine and honest endeavor to make intraday trading profitable for everyone.

Nifty Future 21072017

It opened within previous day's range and tried to break PDC but failed.  This gave a nice BOF setup to go long as marked.  This moved well.  In afternoon once the prices started trading below BRN and PDC LOD was not able to hold the prices, a short was possible as BPB of PDC LOD.  This also moved well.  After that V shape reversal happened which was difficult to catch.  Once the prices got accepted above PDL, a long was possible as BPB of PDL which also moved well.

Today it was a bit volatile and hence generated good number of setups to trade and benefit out of the volatility.  Hope you all enjoyed Nifty trading today.

Thursday, 20 July 2017

Patience makes money

Today I want to emphasize the need for patience, time and emotional construct for making money in the stock market.  There is no denial of the fact that longer we are able to hold the trade, more the possibility of making money from it.  Once we take the trade, we need to give it enough time to move and patiently wait for that move to occur.  Not allowing enough time and exiting early with small profit will never make money in the long run.

I share with you real time trades taken in AXISBANK Future and MARUTI future today as an example.  It was possible for us to enter at the right level.  After the entry both the trades immediately started to move in favor and rewarded handsomely in a very short time.  Exits were made at the predefined target levels.  However, I must say that both these trades had the potential to make the profit of Rs. 22600 in a single day from one lot if the trades were allowed maximum time, i.e. till close of the day.  Here are the charts,

One important thing to note about these kind of perfect trades is that they never test the entry level for rest of the day.  Also these trades most likely will move in one direction only throughout the day, i.e. type 1 trend day.

So whenever we realize we have taken a perfect trade like this, we just need to sit tight, wait patiently and allow it enough time to move for maximum profits out of it. 

Wednesday, 19 July 2017

Nifty Future 19072017

It traded in a narrow range for most part of the day and once it broke out of PDH BRN, presented a BPB setup to go long which moved some.