Sunday, 1 November 2015

Mentoring and Coaching

One on One Private Mentoring and Coaching

I have had the pleasure to help traders through my interaction with them during Hand-holding program and my daily trade posts.  My daily trade posts are best way to learn something about the markets everyday, but if you choose to go through that route you will require lot of patience to learn, need to do lot of trial and error, and spend lot of time, maybe at least few years.  To shorten the learning curve tremendously, I have learned with my experience during these years that specialized attention has been required and has shown to be incredibly effective.

How can I help you learn day trading:

I can help you out in taking up the day trading as a source of living two possible ways. You can choose any one of them or both of them.

1.  Through Video Tutorial:   I have made a complete video tutorial putting all my knowledge and experience into it such a way that it becomes extremely easy for the traders to learn and implement the concepts most efficiently.  I have always believed videos prove to be the most powerful in imparting the knowledge. As you know, in past I also made few videos on trading concepts and my trades and uploaded them into my Youtube channel and you all appreciated that.  With these videos, traders can learn the tricks of trade at their pace, convenience  and comfort.  The total duration of these videos is in excess of 900 minutes.  Click here to get more details about it.

2.  Through one-on-one private mentoring on weekends:  The mentoring program is not like that I will show you some setups and tricks and ways to trade them. Never like that.  Rather I have tried to include each and every thing that a trader would require, right from learning the basic things to advanced topics, role of psychology in trading and how to handle the psychological issues, mastering the trade execution and trade management, setting up trading rules and way to efficiently follow them, how to follow the discipline and remain consistent, how to properly practice, how to design a trade plan and execute it, etc.

First I will start with the education part. Once you complete that we will then start mentoring sessions.  We will spend time together on Google Hangout through video call and screen sharing  on weekends and holidays.  By spending time together you will learn lot of new things and will be able to correct your mistakes.  Timing will be decided and mutually agreed upon.  Since it will be done one on one and that is the only way to do, it requires lot of efforts and focus from my end to achieve the objective of the program. Also it would require you to be very sincere and honest and ready to learn and adopt the new skills.  The mentoring session is tailored to each individual so there are really no limitations as to the topics we can discuss or the direction the mentoring can go. We will have the ability to screen share and talk about specific setups, charts and things going on in the markets as well as do a lot of mock trading sessions. It is my experience that traders find the mock trading sessions very useful to learn the real day trading.  The ultimate aim of mentoring will be to make you independent and successful in trading.

Please email to for any queries or click here to contact.

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  1. Hi sir,
    Is mentoring or stock market guiding require any certification/Licence?

    Is there any SEBI rules?


    1. NiftyTrader

      If you want to sell tips, you would require SEBI certification.
      Mentoring is all about teaching and guiding. Here I am as a trader trying to help others become a trader by sharing my knowledge and experience. Mentoring helps a lot in saving lot of time and money for an aspiring trader.

      If you are struggling with trading and not able to find the right way, you can think about joining me for a mentoring program. It has helped lot of traders and I hope it will help you too.