Wednesday, 24 August 2016

More on Mentoring Program

Today I feel proud to share with all of you the feedback that I received from Mr. Gururaj after completing the mentoring program.  Click here to read it.  He has done all the right things and set a great example for others who want to pursue the day trading as a career. He has his own blog where he keeps a record of his trades.  Click here for the blog. If you go through his blog carefully, you will appreciate the fact that how wonderfully he has maintained the log of trades.  He has right mindset, patience, discipline, and an eagerness to learn, in short all the makings of becoming a good trader.

Today also I announce on-market mentoring which will be done during live market hours, Monday through Friday along with off-market mentoring which will be done on weekends and holidays when markets are closed.

If you struggle with your trades, not sure what system to pick or strategy to adopt, not profitable, getting nervous before or after putting on a trade, getting frustrated with your failed attempts, or just don't know from where to start, then you are probably missing one piece of the puzzle to make it all work.

Now please allow me to guide you, show you and push you the right way to day trade any kind of markets or instrument. I will help you save countless of months or years so you don't have to have the same frustrations that I had when I first started and you won't have to experience the losses that I have encountered.

Hurry up and avail the benefits of both off-market and on-market mentoring. 


  1. URD,

    Hats Off for this initiative!
    Really, You are making DP Warriors :)

  2. What are your charges DaveBhai for mentoring