Saturday, 10 June 2017

How to do proper trade management in stocks

I have just made a post on how I manage my trades in stock futures.  Click here to read this.

For stock futures from this month onward I have also made it possible for other traders to use Bracket order option which requires very less margin and there is no need to keep separate orders for SL and target. I normally give one or two recommendations like this,

Short AsianPaint at 1138 with SL 1142 and Target 1131

Also I have now enabled "One Day Free Trial" for trading with me in stock Futures. You will be given an access to my Telegram trading channel for one full day to trade with me, crosscheck past performance and evaluate accuracy and profit potential of short-term trading.

This June month is turning out to be a good month for trading in stock Futures.  Click here to check out the performance.  I also published a chart on Twitter describing what made me take trade in Ultracemco on Friday.  Here is that chart,


  1. Nice post.

    Are we able to use BO order for DP trading? if yes how?


    1. Naveen

      Yes, it is possible. Read the comments section of this post to understand different ways to use BO,