Saturday, 3 June 2017

Stock Trading Performance May 2017

Here I am sharing with all of you my cash stock as well as stock future trading performance for the month of May 2017.

Click here for stock futures.

Click here for cash stocks.

This performance proves if traded with discipline and proper risk management, even less than 50% of accuracy can generate enough profits from short term trading.  Even after deducting brokerage, taxes etc stock future trading for the duration of couple of hours generated the profit worth 230 Nifty points.  In cash stocks the profits were even better.

I hope to improve this performance further in the coming months as my trades now have more than 1:2 risk reward ratio which will be improved further to 1:3 or even more in the near future.  Also I would try to take few trades in afternoon hours also so the full time traders trading with me can benefit from it.  Here while trading with me traders get full assistance in trading, How to place orders, when to exit, when to trial stop loss, when to scratch, etc. If traders desire, they can even learn the trading strategies that I apply for stock trading.  The only objective of trading with me is to help you to be a successful trader. We are working on a proper trading plan with limited risk and less trades in a day.


  1. Doing Gud Sir, hope I can become like u, need hard work and self discipline

    1. Raghav

      Thanks. Yes, hard work and discipline both are essential in trading. If we continue to do that, rewards will be there.