The System

I only do intraday trades and for that I use the system called Decision Point trading.  My personal belief is that Decision Point trading is the ultimate system to day trade any market, any instrument in the world.  It is a great gift to the trading community of the world by a SMART Trader.
To know more about it, download an E-book free now from here.

It is a discretionary system to trade and you would also need a book to read for the thought process involved while trading.  It is called Trade-Score.  Download the same free from here.

Click here to understand glossary of terms used.

Here are some of the observations that I have made while learning this system on my own.  Hope this will also help you to some extent.  Click on each and every link below to explore it more.

Here are some of the posts on the subject of trading,

I have made few videos demonstrating the different concepts that I trade with.  Do watch these small videos once you have gone through all the above educational stuff about the system and understood it well.

Tricks of the Trade Videos

I also make end-of-day posts of my trades daily.  So keep visiting this blog for those posts and more updates.  Don't forget to click "follow" on Google+.

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  1. Nice compilation you have wonderfully carried the work from where Smart Trader left. Liked reading your posts and will be following your blog from time to time.

    cheers :)

    Ranjit Nair

    1. Ranjit

      Thanks for visiting the blog and commenting. I am just trying to follow the foot steps of ST sir.


  2. thanks after smart trader left i got a new guru or friend
    thanks again

  3. Nice blog brother... Keep going

  4. I was feeling a kind of left out after ST sir left... but your presence gave me a lot of comfort to stabilize my knowledge...